7 Apps You Didn’t Know Existed Before Now

Apple's AppStore went 10 years back this month and four years after, Google announced Google Play. Who knew that just a couple years, mobile apps will completely tra


Apple’s AppStore went 10 years back this month and four years after, Google announced Google Play. Who knew that just a couple of years, mobile apps will completely transform our lives?

With translator apps allowing us to communicate in a way, we’ve never believed possible, apps that dramatically increase productivity and games which slash it the sphere of mobile apps has changed the way in which people now live. With about 8 million apps while in the Google Play store and 2.2 million from the Apple App Store (Source: Statista), there is no wonder some of them have lost inside the crowd.

In an effort to bring recognition into a couple of those unique and useful apps, we’ve put together a summary of 10 awesome apps that you didn’t know existed before today.

1. Evernote Scannable

The paperless revolution has radically reduced the need for printers inside your home. However, what happens when you need to scan an actual, physical record? As advanced as most smartphone phones really are such days, images simply do not cut it when it comes to scanning documents. Together with all the Evernote Scannable app you can turn snapshots of documents into high-quality scans and export them like either a PDF or JPG files or send them to the others via text or email.

Download: Apple

2. Flush

Out and about and in need of a bathroom? With the Flush ap,p you’re able to locate a public bathroom within moments! With over 190,000 bathrooms around the world within its own database, Flush ensures that you never need to wander the roads of the unknown town searching for relief again! Users may add new bathrooms into the list and even speed existing ones. Oahu is the app that you never think you need…and soon you’re doing.

Download: Apple | Android

3. Forest

Smartphones can provide a wealth of productivity solutions, however, they may be at fault behind procrastination and distraction. Imagine when putting your phone to focus on work elsewhere meant you can save the environment? The Forest app makes that possible. Put your phone right down and leave the app running into plant seeds that are virtual and then grow trees. The best part? In case you earn enough coins out of planting your virtual trees, then it’s possible to actually use them to plant trees that are real. Have more done and save our planet!

Download: Apple | Android

4. Knots 3D

When it comes to uniquely useful apps, Knots 3D normally takes the cake. Quickly learn how to connect 126 different sorts of knots on this specific simple-to-use app. View the-knot at 3 d, twist it around to view it in every angle, then see the knot tie itself or use your finger to check it out. If you are in need of a knot out in the wilderness, the Knots 3D app does not even require an internet connection!

Download: Apple | Android | Amazon

5. Libby by Overdrive

Some among the many changes brought about by smartphones would be that the transition out of reading real books into the convenience of eBooks and audiobooks on the move. Libby is a app that brings try your local library directly to your phone. Among its many features will be the ability to download novels for offline reading, send books to a own Kindle Fire, also access to film books together with read-along audio.

Download: Apple | Android | Microsoft

6. Freedom App

It really is really a”hacking apps such as android” mechanism which will be utilized without the root. No matter how the developers recommend using root therefore that it works together with complete efficiency. The app has simple to use interface and so recommended. For hacking apps to get android games that this app is highly functional. Exactly like its name it offers complete freedom for their users to find whatever they desire while still playing awesome games.

Download: Android | Apple | Microsoft

7. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Whether you are out for a run together with your furry little friend or cuddled up in your home, American Red Cross gets your spine when emergencies arise. Your pet medical app offers veterinary advice for regular emergencies using videos, quizzes and also the step-by-step advice that you need. When the emergency is too big to handle in the home, the app even offers an integrated vet hospital locator.

Download: Apple | Android

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