Allopathy or Homoeopathy? What is the best treatment for kids?


Homeopathy has always been a subject of debate since its early days of formation. With time, criticism regarding this field of medicine has significantly increased.

Day by day as more people are inclining towards homeopathy, many people are also not letting go of the doubt about the effectiveness of homeopathy.

In this post, we will try to answer, what is the best treatment for kids, homeopathy or allopathy!

But, we first need to examine a couple of underlying factors that will help us to arrive to a solid decision, as to which is the better between these two diverse fields of medicine.

What makes allopathy the most preferred type of treatment?

The fast recovery from any ailment or disease, is probably the most important aspect that makes allopathy such a reliable and desired form of treatment.

Allopathy has become the one and only conventional branch of medicine from the day we humans started to invent chemical compositions of our own. Previously Ayurveda and natural medicines made up most of the treatment.

Allopathy medicines no doubt have many side effects. But with several progresses, experiments and inventions done in pharmaceuticals, most of the medicines’ side effects are being reduced upto a great extent.

However, for children, allopathy can do considerable damage if the right medicines are not provided with right knowledge and precautions. Not only children, the same can happen with adults too if the doses of the wrong medicines are increased.

But keeping everything aside, allopathy guarantees one thing. No other form of treatment and medicine can promise to give such a fast recovery and such speedy onset, as allopathy.

And, to your relief, children’s medicines are made with special care and the compositions are also added keeping the child’s ‘developing immune system’ in mind.

Still there are many allopathic pediatric medicines that can have severe long-term damage, if the medicines are given to the child for a prolonged period.

Examples include, anti-allergic cough syrups containing promethazine, paracetamols, antidepressants, and medicines for epilepsy and seizures!

Keeping all these points in mind, our society has still given allopathy the upper hand over medicines, because of its ability to cure acute illnesses in a moment’s flick!

But for chronic illnesses, we sometimes do need to revert back to other forms of medicine. And, this is exactly where Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, and other herbs and natural medicines come into play.

Why do people rely on homeopathy, when we already have such an advanced form of medicine, the allopathy?

Homeopathy believes that an illness can be controlled or eradicated with a series of lifestyle and mentality changes along with proper medication.

Plus, homeopathic medicines are made from an unique procedure. Homeopaths use the concept of ‘water memory’, and ‘like cures like’.

I won’t talk about the relevancy of this, as the topic will then start to focus on a stormy debate rather than dealing with, which medicine is better for a child!

‘Like cures like’ signifies, that any element that causes a certain problem, can be used in small quantities to treat the problem itself.

A good example could be, ‘coffee’ which causes insomnia, can be used in negligible quantities to treat sleeplessness or insomnia itself.

This negligible quantity of an element is achieved by mixing the element into water or alcohol, and then numerous dilution steps are completed.

And, due to this high water ratio, homeopathic remedies are practically safe with barely any side effects.

Probably, this is the reason why many people rely on homeopathy, as experimenting with this branch of medicine is not harmful in a real sense. Unlike allopathy which can cause severe complications when experimented in a wrong way.

Just compare, taking 10 paracetamol tablets, to taking 10 homeopathic pain reliever sugar pills! Guess, you are getting the point.

So, is homeopathy good for your kid or should you choose allopathy for your child?

Both are definitely in your hands. At the end of the day, it’s your child, and it’s upto you to choose the right one.

Allopathy has always provided fast relief, and there’s absolutely no second thought about it.

So, in cases of emergency and when immediate medical attention is required, I believe you should choose allopathy for your kid.

On the other hand for chronic illnesses, like recurring tonsillitis, continuing cold, cough, and fever, you can plan for a periodical homeopathic treatment.

But the whole thing will depend in choosing expert child specialists and pediatricians for your kid.

As a child’s immune system is in a developing stage, it’s better you let the doctors decide, what type of treatment can be the best.

But, before I end, I would like to discuss about another important subject. It’s none other than your child’s dental health.

This part can really haunt parents down. But let me tell you one thing, dentistry is definitely an allopathic based study.

Turning your head to homeopathy for your child’s dental health cannot be a fruitful decision.

Hence choose allopathy and know how to find the best pediatric dentists for your kid, so as to give her all the care she needs.

With this, I draw the finish line to this topic. I hope this post helps you to figure out the right kind of treatment for your child.

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