How To Use Google Analytics For Evaluating Audience Performance?

Ever wondered how paid media strategies would work without any data pertaining to the targeted audiences? Let elaborate Google Analytics for an effective analysis


Ever wondered how paid media strategies would work without any data pertaining to the targeted audiences?

Quite a Loss of Money, Wouldn’t it be?

Any campaign on digital channels would necessitate an audience data for an effective running and powerful digital campaigns. Moreover, this supports advertisers in organizing and optimizing information and content throughout the funnel.

Nevertheless, there has been one persistent problem when analyzing audience and determining the key indicators.

And, that is- not holding one tenacious view.

The audience performance is demarcated at disparate platforms and accordingly, any campaign is disintegrated further.

Here an Audience Report from Google Analytics can grant you a big picture for your targeted audiences and assists in further stretching your brand to future customers.

Let’s elaborate on how you can employ Google Analytics for an effective audience performance analysis.

Starting with Your Audience Report 

If you are thinking to generate an audience report from Google Analytics, you would first need to set it up. Here are some things, you would require-

  • Enabling Demographic Reporting
  • Building an audience within the Analytics
  • Sharing the audience with the Analytics

Note that your audience would populate with the data and it might take at least 24 hours to completely do so. 

You can create 20 audiences at a time to report. You can even create more than that however only 20 will be accessible for reporting purpose on Analytics. Make sure whichever audience you choose, you have first analyzed the advantages of it first, viewing why its data would be beneficial for you.

Here is a tip. Do not select the audience which is already easy to segregate.

Insights From The Audience Report

Once you have generated an audience report, you will apprehend that this is a great way of conjecturing the performance of the targeted audience across your ecosystem.

Traditionally, advertisers had only employed audience data for just getting onto the pulse on performance (for observation-only) in Google-Ad campaigns.

Nevertheless, this is a valuable strategy, however, this doesn’t furnish you with a complete and comprehensive acumen and intelligence into the audience’s performance.

The audience report from Google Analytics renders the picture in its complete entirety, enabling the view across all channels (even the non-paid ones).

Hence, with this report, you can bestow a fortune of information, such as-

  • The channels most engaged when the users become your audience.
  • The audience which is securing the highest conversion rates
  • The highest per-session-value
  • Engagement levels for all audiences including average session duration, pages viewed per session & more.

The data from this report aids you in examining the audiences of important value to you. Hence you can prioritize your campaigns further and channelize your resources on the right one.

This will also help in circumscribing the areas where you would want to spend your money later on.

Supplements To Audience Reports

Other than the insights, once you have set up your audience report, you can also view custom segments that will further include secondary dimensions.

This is a great way to delve deeper into the audience and find key insights. For instance, in custom view segment you can find a behavior flow report for any particular audience. This will let you know the path that your audience took in order to reach your content across your website.

Above is just a small example of what data can be employed.

You can also get to identify the types of event your audience engages in, the topics they find most compelling and point where they closed out from the funnel.

All this gives you a wealth of information for your campaign to develop upon.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Let us not sum up here and tell you that you can utterly use audience reports for generating custom reports and dashboards in Google analytics. However, you need to recognize that if you are utilizing the audience as a dimension for reporting, you might not be able to handle many other dimensions.

Nevertheless, a custom report gives you the flexibility to observe with a custom view and provides you with filters, so that you can analyze each and every aspect of it.

Creating An Actionable List 

Mining the audience data can support to enhance your performance across the digital marketing arena. Understand that audiences are incredibly adaptable and versatile, so employing the audience data would only help them converge to your goals.

Here we enlist some of the ways, where you can appropriate the audience report to your benefit-

  • Fragment the targeted audiences, and identify which can push the highest amount of revenue for your campaigns. You can use the average session per value and conversion rates data for the idea.
  • Improve and remarket your campaign, using the performance data received from the audience reports.
  • Recognize channels and campaigns that were triumphant from an audience perspective and use them to re-engage your audience.
  • Assess the type of content which has been more successful with the audience and build future campaigns centered around it.

In The End… 

At iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd, we have been converging our efforts to best identify the characteristics and attributes of the users and channelizing the audience data for better campaigns, conversion performance and upscaling the marketing efforts of our clients with enhanced resources.

If you are looking for a digital marketing firm that can help you with Google Analytics and better audience research, write to us at

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