Myths about Lingerie Busted


Summary: Myths are part and parcel of this world we live in but when people begin to believe in these myths, wrecking havoc in life is inevitable. Read on to understand the most common myths surrounding lingerie and how when heading to a sexy & hot lingerie online store, you should cast these long-standing beliefs aside.

Shopping for lingerie can be a daunting task in itself. Add to this the myths surrounding it and shoppers will never shop for a lingerie piece in their life or will end up with the wrong one. But that’s not how it works. Online surfers certainly can’t let myths stop them from donning seductive intimates every now and then. Keeping this in mind, here are a few of these myths busted. In this way, online shoppers don’t have to trust anything that causes a hassle in helping them find the best intimates that suit their fancy.

Myth: Good lingerie is very expensive

Yes, the lingerie offered by high-end designers weighs on the costlier side of things but women cannot use this statement to generalize all lingerie. Other than the high-end designers, there are various other high-quality lingerie sets that come at affordable prices. Remember, good lingerie does not essentially mean high-end brands. People can even head online and shop at a sexy & hot lingerie online store. Rest assured, finding cute and seductive intimates at fabulous costs is bound to follow.

Myth: No underwire means no support

While a few people believe that underwire bras are not good at all for health reasons, many individuals also think that underwire lends much-needed support. So no underwire implies there is entirely no support. This is untrue. Yes, intimates that do not have underwire may not necessarily offer the same amount of separation as underwired bras, but that doesn’t mean they do not offer uplift. These kinds of bras work just fine for everyday wear.

Myth: Lingerie sets are only meant for the bedroom

While cute and sexy lingerie sets that come in the form of bodysuits, teddies, panties and bras definitely set the mood for a romantic night, it is not just restricted to the confines of the bedroom. Women can easily layer it up with a jacket or pair it with their favorite pair of jeans to create an outdoor look too. It is sure to stun just as much in indoor as well as outdoor setups.

Myth: For better cleavage, wear lingerie in a smaller size

For some reason, women believe that wearing a smaller cup sized bra works to enhance their cleavage. No greater misconception than this is known. A small bra size causes harm to a woman’s lymphatic system. It makes them very uncomfortable and even looks aesthetically unpleasing. This is because it results in inappropriate bulges on the underarms as well as top. To avoid all this, always wear the correct size. As far as cleavage is concerned, finding special lingerie that works to enhance cleavage is very much possible.

So the next time heading to a sexy & hot lingerie online store seems frightening, be sure to keep these myths aside and carry out shopping. Don’t forget to experiment with various patterns and materials, be it lace, mesh lace, floral embroidery, crisscross bralettes, lace fringe bodysuits and leather chemises among other things. It is sure to spice up any occasion.

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