Reasons to Join Best Industrial Training Programme

Industrial training is very beneficial as it paves the way for candidates to enter into their desired after having relevant experience.


There are plenty of opportunities for the individuals who are trained and earned a degree or completed diploma courses. But there is no need to panic as individuals who do not have a degree can also start a career and enter new domain by getting trained and obtain certification in the desired domain. KVCH is an eminent training provider recognized for imparting Best Industrial Training Programme to the candidates in various domains.

Industrial training is very beneficial as it paves the way for candidates to enter into their desired after having relevant experience. The company is providing 6 weeks industrial training, 6 months industrial training according to the needs of the candidates. We have expert professionals who render fundamental knowledge and real-time project-based training so they can practice what they are learning theoretically.

Here are some best and trending IT and non-IT fields, where we are providing training and certification courses.

  • Programming languages: a survey showed that most of the jobs in the industry are related to technical and require programming. There are many computer languages used in the programming. We provide training in programming languages that are most popular among the programmers. Here is the list of most useful and popular languages:
  • JAVA
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Javascript
  • C++

  • Software development: software developers are the most demanded individuals in the industry. Every company is being digitized and using software for working mechanisms or website development or other technical needs. There are numbers of software developers in each company working on different technology. Trained Candidates with the right skills are preferred by every corporation. Our Industrial training train individuals by working on live-projects and also provides internship so they can harness the opportunity to enter this fabulous field. Different domain for software development where we provide  training are:
  • Larval
  • Codeigniter
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Angular JS
  • Node.JS
  • Zend Framework

  • Cloud computing: it the recent trending and fastest growing technology in the IT industry. All the companies with lots of data are storing their data on Cloud. It is not possible for companies to store data on hard drive, because of the volumes of data. Companies like Netflix, Instagram, and Apple are using cloud storage for their data. The demand for cloud computing professionals is increasing day by day in the industry. The cloud professionals are getting high-paid jobs in the reputed companies.
  • Big Data Hadoop: These days every company is operating on a bulk of data. Not all of the data is useful to the organization. The data is categorized into structured and unstructured data. Big data and Hadoop are separate technologies but most used together. Big data is used for the analysis of a large amount of data, whereas Hadoop is used to derive the relevant information. Companies use the results of the analysis of data for making decisions.
  • Ethical hacking: Ethical hacking is a new concept in the industry but it is very much in demand. Companies are hiring ethical hackers to prevent data theft, data breach, and other security reasons. Certified Ethical hackers are demanded in cyber security firms. Candidates will have the opportunity to work with many reputed organizations. Candidates have also the option of freelancing after acquiring the necessary skills and training.
  • Digital marketing: Digital marketing has become necessary for every company to come on top numbers on search engine result pages. It is a highly trending career options as most of the industry is consumer based and today everyone is using the internet. This field is very wide providing many options like SEO, Email marketing, E-commerce marketing, PPC and other.
  •  Foreign languages: There are many areas where a foreign language is beneficial. Many are hiring individuals who have knowledge of foreign languages. Candidates can learn German language, French Language, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese.
  • Other technologies: there are other technologies for candidates to learn and build a successful career. We also provide training in
  • IOT
  • Networking
  • Embedded systems
  • CCNA
  • MCSE

KVCH is more than 26 years old training center and it is continuing its legacy of providing Industrial training, professional training, live-projects based training and also on-site training to the candidates. We have very experienced trainers who have many years of experience in the relevant domains. We have high tech labs up to date with the latest technologies and equipment.

Reasons to join KVCH

Online classroom: Candidates can avail online classroom training in case they are unable to attend classes at our center. Live sessions with trainers are provided, not pre-recorded one.

Live-projects: Trainers at our center provide training based on live projects so students can learn the realistic applications of theoretical knowledge.

Well Structured Course: The course modules are designed in such a way that it imparts basic knowledge as well as in-depth learning of the subject.

Dedicated trainers: We have very experienced and certified trainers who believe in rendering quality training so after the course completion, students can directly be placed in their desired fields. 

Placement services: A highly active placement cell provides assistance to candidates so they can grab the right opportunities in their desired career.

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