What Not To Bring To India

What you should not bring to India, the most probable cause of Delhi Belly always comes down to contaminated food or water.


Therefore, the best way to avoid an outbreak of diarrhea is to be very diligent with hygiene at meals and with any drink. Avoid all salads or fruits that have been washed with tap water. Only drink quality bottled water and never have ice in your drinks. Avoid street food or anything that does not look clean. Always wash your hands with disinfectant wipes before meals.

What not to bring to India

What not to bring to India, plan your trip with  India’s Invitation now and create the best trip considering the weather and other conditions. We make sure you have a great time! See this if you travel in January, February,  March, April, May, June, July or August.

Do not bring too many clothes. You can buy cheap clothes in India and get the local dress so that it fits better and you feel more comfortable.

Do not pack valuables in general, unless absolutely necessary, why take a chance? Valuables such as passport, credit cards and cash that I have hidden under my shirt in the passport bag.

What do not bring to India, do not take too much cash, ATMs are the safest way to get local cash and they are everywhere in India.

Do not bring expensive jewelry, it’s just not worth risking losing or stealing them.

Do not pack the computer, unless you really need it and it’s a lightweight and cheap (like a Chromebook) that you do not mind being stopped by the irregular power supply or being stolen.

What not to bring to India, do not take other unnecessary electronic devices, again due to the possibility of being ruined by the power source and the excess volume.

Do not carry too many books, an electronic reader like the Amazon Kindle can be a great option because it is lightweight and has a battery life of 3 weeks.

Do not pack too many toiletries, but bring your favourites. Probably their special products are not available in India, but generic soap, shampoo, and toothpaste, etc. They are widely available.

What you do not bring to India, do not wear nice shoes. They will get dirty no matter what happens. Sandals or crocodiles are the best. After reaching India, you can also take the luxurious Palace on Wheels train to reach the destination.

Do not make bulky towels. Instead, bring a simple travel towel.

Do not pack more than one set of warm clothes. India is a hot country (unless you’re in the Himalayas) and it’s weird to be too cold.

Knoe more about the Palace on Wheels train price and make your seats booked.

What you do not bring to India, do not take anything that is not suitable for your destination. Do your research on the weather and the specific needs of the location before going to India so that you are prepared without having too much bulk in your luggage.

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